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"I think this move is the single best way for the average person to get rich in America today. And the best way to learn to do it right is by following Justin Ford, I refer to him ‘my secret weapon’…"

George Soros

There are four primary ways to make money in real estate.

Most people focus on appreciation, the ONLY factor you can’t control. That’s why so many investors, big banks, government agencies, and US taxpayers got hammered in the recession. But there is a small group of investors who made it through the recession—not only with profits—but emerged stronger than ever before.

Justin Ford is one of those investors. He has made more money from appreciation than most people will see in their lifetimes. And yet, he constantly surprises investors when he shows them how the real secret to success in real estate is NOT to focus on appreciation… but to instead focus on the three most important things you can control: what he calls the “C.A.P.” factors.

With Justin Ford’s proprietary CAP strategy, not only will you learn the real path to lifelong wealth in real estate, but you’ll also discover how to add six (or even seven) figures to your portfolio and thousands of dollars in passive income every month—even if real estate prices don’t increase by a single dime.

  • As previously mentioned, Mark Ford, Porter Stansberry and several other investment gurus have privately moved a good portion of their net worth into this situation…
  • And institutional investors, according to J.P. Morgan, have invested at least $10 BILLION in this safe haven...
  • Even the legendary Warren Buffett declared this was “probably as attractive an investment as you can make” right now.

Over $137,000 for a single, well-orchestrated move...

“This is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen… People who act in the next 12 months stand to make an absolute fortune.”

What if I told you that, by making a single, carefully planned out move... executed within the next 12 months... you could add six-figures to your net worth?

Or, if you’re slightly more ambitious, that by making just a handful of these moves, you could fund your entire retirement?

If you told me you were skeptical, I wouldn’t blame you.
And if you said there “had to be a catch,” you’d be right...
There is a catch.
In fact, there are two.
First, you should act within the next 12 months, and ideally much sooner. This opportunity won’t last long, and once mainstream investors discover this anomaly, prices will jump...
And second, there’s a bit of work involved.
No, this isn’t onerous work... and anyone can do it... but still, if you were hoping to discover “the next hot stock” and magically get rich, this isn’t for you.
In fact, this opportunity is about as far removed from Wall Street as possible... it has nothing to do with stocks, options, bonds, futures or any kind of trading strategy at all.

What this is about is a proven way to produce and grow wealth regardless of what “the markets” do. A way you can double your money in 2 years or less and grow richer over the next few years—even if stocks stay flat or crash to the ground.

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While everyone caught in the frenzy took huge losses on their holdings, this man actually made money during the crash!
Take a look.
Here’s a receipt for one of the patented moves he finalized in 2007, right in the middle of the crash...

And a few months later, he did it again...
Close to 100 grand for another of his signature moves.

And moving to today, he’s considering an offer to cash in close to $300,000 in profits for another one of his “anti-crash” moves he set up back in ‘07.

In fact, all told, this man hasn’t lost a single penny on more than $15 million dollars’ worth of property moves done over the years. That’s a 100% track record and it all has to do with the finely-tuned approach he takes which makes it virtually impossible to lose money in the property market.

But that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.

In fact, there are two moves that he says, if they were fish, he’d “throw em back in the water”... but even so, both these deals will still end up making him $100,000 each.

How many people can say that about their worst investments?

That’s why bankers and real estate brokers have urged him to privately teach them his secrets... and it’s also why all the investing gurus are lining up to get this man’s attention. (One famous investor, for example, whose personal fortune tops $100 million and who actually has a stake in our company, has been trying to get involved with this secret weapon for several months now!)

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